“We just did a tasting with my team… we are blown away… literally.”

Murray’s Cheese SVP Merchandising & Operations

“LOVE the sauce.”

Shake Shack Executive Chef

“We did a full tasting of the sauces with 12 of us. The .003 was the group favorite. All three fantastic though.”

Dean & DeLuca Director of Culinary

“I had a meeting with my boss Danny (Meyer) and he loves the idea of using your hot sauce. We are thinking of doing a carnitas special and we are already working on a recipe."

Tacocina General Manager

“We really enjoyed your product. It’s probably the best hot sauce we’ve seen in a while. The product is really excellent.”

Whole Foods Northeast Region Local Purchasing Director

“Dude, your hot sauce is bomb. I just ordered a couple more 3-packs.”


“This is my soulmate of hot sauces. My prince charming of heat. Not mainstream or trendy, not made with thickeners or fillers — this sauce is super-clean tasting and melt-your-face HOT. It’s not for playing around, kids. This is serious stuff.”


“@senorlechugahotsauce is the best fucking hot sauce ever.”


“This hot sauce is everything!!! And will be kept in my bag.”


“This is the undisputed heavyweight champ. Good luck finding a better tasting sauce. The heat is euphoric and will make you sweat in places you didn't think possible. Highly addicting. 10 out of 10 would recommend to the guy or gal who claims to like it hot... Welcome to the big leagues.”


“Not going to lie but this one [.001] by @senorlechugahotsauce stopped me in my tracks. Delicious but demands respect.”


“You might as well put me down for a bottle or two a month of this. It is very balanced and can be eaten straight up.”


“My mouth might be on fire a little bit and there might be tears in my eyes and my sinuses are completely clear… but that being said, it didn’t take long to realize which one I like best. [.003]”


“This hot sauce is literally LIT!”


“Holy crap, my roommate and I are 100% hooked on this stuff. Seriously, all three were delicious, and we finished them faster than we maybe should have… Just wanted to let you know how incredible your recipes are.”


“I had to chug a gallon of milk after. But I went back for more.”


“So good I had to take it on vacation.”


“I freaking love your trio of sauces, like my children, I love them each for different reasons… In fact, I’m ready for a reorder.”


“Holy fucking fuck these are fucking delicious. The instant BANG of the .001. The pineapple one tastes almost alcoholic. So good though, man!”


“The habanero onion seems to be the consensus favorite. I liked how it was right at the threshold of ‘fuck that’s hot’ without being so hot it overpowered the flavor.”


“I love them all! Habanero is muy caliente! I love the smokey flavor of the chipotle! The pineapple garlic is the perfect mix of fire and sweet! I highly recommend all of them.”


“Hot sauce so good it inspires art.”


“It is made in small batches in Brooklyn. It is delicious! It is Señor Lechuga which means Mister Lettuce. This is so hot but soooo good!”


“Choose your hot sauce wisely. These days a lot of brands try and bring as much heat as possible at the sacrifice of flavor. Flavor matters.”


“We basically have it in every meal, ha. So good. Had the chipotle on a buffalo chk’n burger this morning and that was amazing too :)”


“I always keep @soundonsound studios stocked with my favorite hot sauces from the evil geniuses at @senorlechugahotsauce.”


“Loving @senorlechugahotsauce. Hot and DELICIOUS. Mixed it with some cream cheese and chicken for a banging buffalo chicken sandwich.”


“This stuff goes on anything. Has a lot of fantastic heat but not so overwhelming where it distracts from the great flavor. Can really taste the chipotle! Awesome for Bloody Mary too.”


“Totally delicious, rocks in the kitchen.”


“Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce is insane, in the best possible way. Super hot but also incredible flavor. Just thinking about this sauce makes me sweat.”


“I can’t stop eating this hot sauce.”


“Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce turning that sad salad into a lunch that’s #calienteasfuck!”


“I love the pineapple combo - amazing with everything, but I especially love it with seafood.”

Jonathan T.

“.003 is like nothing I’ve ever had. It just hits you right at the core and then you feel it throughout your entire body. WOW.”

John G.

“My go-to hot sauce! Just the right blend of heat and smoke for everything from eggs to steak.”

Michael R.

“The hab, onions, and reaper is pretty pepper forward and definitely brings some heat to the game! I’m digging it! Great that it’s a New York hot sauce company too!

Chris D.

“Hot Dayummm. My go-to hot sauce to complement any dish. This will definitely bring the fire you are looking for. HIGHLY recommend for anyone who likes it hot.”

Jennifer R.

“I’ve started putting it on just about everything!”

Dave G.

“Dear Señor Lechuga, more Dr. of Hot Sauce Lechuga, you have yet again undoubtedly ruined my day. As I black out destroying another burrito covered in pineapple garlic reaper batch .003. My mouth burns, my eyes water, but I can’t stop. It’s worse than craving taco bell at 3AM after heavy drinking. Your hot sauce on breakfast burritos redefines the very word “breakfast burrito.” I will knowingly turn down sex later tonight at the risk of shitting my pants. I literally prefer your hot sauce over sex. Well done sir. Well done.”

Anonymous Active Duty Navy SEAL