Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce
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Small Batch

Small batch hot sauce born in Brooklyn, New York. Made with HEAT by a husband + wife team. Like high-end whiskey, every batch is similar yet unique in its own way. Every label is marked with its batch and number. And every bottle is #calienteasfuck.


Fire + Flavor

Made with Carolina Reapers and habanero peppers, our sauce brings the heat. But we never add fire at the expense of flavor. Instead, we crafted a perfect balance for all three of our unique flavors. Chefs, food editors and hot sauce lovers all agree we crushed it.



An excellent product relies on quality ingredients. We take extreme pride in our simple recipes and ability to source fresh and delicious ingredients to deliver superior hot sauce. Our sauce is clean. Check our ingredients versus other hot sauces. Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce has no added sugar, preservatives, emulsifying agents, animal products, artificial flavors or coloring.

Good Looking

We are not just a collection of products but a brand and a lifestyle. Our sauce looks good on your table. No clashing colors. No cartoons. No shock value. We bring a modern aesthetic by reimagining design for packaged goods. Because our sauce itself does all the talking.

Fresh Ink


Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce is getting ink. Our hot sauce has been featured as a must-buy in Cosmopolitan Gift Guides three times. We also get big love from Goop, Martha Stewart, Hola, Well + Good, Telemundo and more. Check out our press highlights here.

Word of Mouth


People who’ve tried Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce have a lot to say about it. No surprise, they’re an opinionated and colorful cast of characters. Here’s a little taste of our reviews and customer feedback.

Good Company 

From bringing the FIRE to the Shake Shack x Game of Thrones Fiery Burger, to providing our custom spice blends for the Bespoke Post make-your-own hot sauce kit, to inspiring a carnitas collab with Tacocina, the brands we partner with keep us in good company.